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Jewel Claims Her Mom Stole $100 Million From Her: ‘She Embezzled All Of My Money’

Jewel is sharing the big ways her parents did her wrong. Appearing this week on the “Verywell Mind Podcast” with Amy Morin, the 48-year-old singer claimed that he mother and manager Lenedra stole millions from her. “I didn’t really realize what my mom was until I was 30-something. I woke up and realized she embezzled

The Most Stunning Academy Awards Jewelry Moments of All Time

From Elizabeth Taylor's 68 carat diamond necklace in 1970 to Angelina Jolie's overside emeralds from 2009.

Sir Paul McCartney didn't know if he should keep making music

Sir Paul McCartney didn't know if he should keep making music after the Beatles split and admitted launching Wings was his biggest professional risk.

Gisele Bündchen calls divorce from Tom Brady ‘a death’

After all these months of rumor and speculation, Tom Brady’s ex, Gisele Bündchen, finally is ready to open up about her marriage to the former NFL star. In a new Vanity Fair article, Bündchen opens up about her marriage and how heartbroken she was when it ended. She calls her divorce “a death and rebirth.” Read more... The post Gisele Bündchen calls divorce from Tom Brady ‘a death’ appeared first on The Comeback: Today’s Top Sports Stories &...

Find Out Which Famous Actor Is From Your State

Who's your celebrity mascot?

Jar Jar Binks Actor Ahmed Best Returns To The ‘Star Wars’ Universe As A Jedi In ‘The Mandalorian’: “Good To Be Back”

Ahmed Best is getting a shot at redemption by returning to the Star Wars universe as a Jedi in The Mandalorian. The actor voiced the infamously CGI character Jar Jar Binks in the prequel trilogy of the George Lucas saga. Audiences were not fond of the Gungan and the character was phased out in the

Wayne Swinny Dies: Cofounder Of Rock Group Saliva Was 59

Wayne Swinny, one of the founding members of rock group Saliva, has died of a brain hemorrhage. He was 59 and his passing was announced by the group’s social media page. “It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our brother Wayne Swinny,” the rock band posted on Facebook Wednesday. “Wayne passed away this

Prince Harry’s U.S. Visa ‘Should Have Been Denied Or Revoked’ Following Drug Use Admission, Lawyer Says — But Others Disagree

Legal experts have spoken out about whether Prince Harry’s past drug use admission will affect his rights to live in the U.S. Harry, who stepped back as a senior royal alongside wife Meghan Markle in March 2020 before moving to California, admitted to taking cocaine, mushrooms and smoking weed, as well as drinking heavily, in

Gwyneth Paltrow ski collision trial set for family testimony

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — Two daughters of a retired optometrist suing Gwyneth Paltrow are expected to testify on Thursday about the lasting effects of their father and Paltrow's 2016 ski collision as the trial takes on an increasingly personal note on the third day of proceedings. Attorneys are expected to call Polly Grasham and Shae Herath to the st...

'Jeopardy!' fans freak after contestant wins with wrong answer

Jeopardy! fans lost their minds earlier this week when a contestant won the game after mispronouncing actor Ewan McGregor’s name. Professor Melissa Klapper was answering a question in the “Quite the Fish Story” category when she made the error. “The Force of Lasse Hallstrom was strong to pull in this Scot to play a fisheries expert in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen ,” host Ken Jennings read. Klapper buzzed in with “Ewan Gregor,” winning $600 and...

Jeff Garlin's Abrupt Exit from 'The Goldbergs' Was 'a Long Time Coming,' Says Costar Wendy McLendon-Covey

Jeff Garlin's character was killed off of The Goldbergs ahead of season 10 following allegations that the actor engaged in inappropriate on-set behavior

'And cut!' Movies that have been banned or censored

Try imagining never having seen that favorite movie of yours. Indeed, there are many films that have been subject to widespread censorship due to their content. Some of these titles will be unsurprising, due to high levels of violence or other controversial content. However, among these are also many movies that caused offense for a huge variety of different reasons. Click through to see some of the more obscure and unusual reasons for cuts and bans.

'Designing Women' actress suddenly lost husband of 33 years, more stars who are widows or widowers

John Travolta, Courtney Love, Celine Dion, Paul McCartney and more stars have all lost a spouse.

Fired 'Good Morning America' anchor accused of affair with co-worker finalizes her divorce, more news

Fired 'Good Morning America' anchor Amy Robach has finalized her divorce following an affair, plus more celeb love life updates.

Look: NFL Insider Ian Rapoport Teasing Big Announcement

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport is teasing a big "non-football" related announcement on Twitter. On Wednesday, the NFL insider shared a photo with his wife, Leah, along with an interesting message. "Big day tomorrow! A very cool, non-football announcement coming, which involves me, my family, some ...

Celebrities who have dated billionaires

Fortune and fame sometimes go hand-in-hand, but that's not always the case. Some famous stars are incredibly wealthy, but then they get involved with someone with quite a few more billions in the bank, and all of a sudden, they don't seem that rich. And despite their wealth, some of these men and women are not as famous as the people they date. In this gallery, we look at several celebrities who dated (and in some cases married) billionaires. Click through to learn more.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York: from scandal to liberation

Aaron Sorkin suffered a stroke

Aaron Sorkin's doctor told him he is "supposed to be dead" after suffering a stroke.

'The Young and the Restless' celebrates 50 years of drama

NEW YORK (AP) — It all started on a late morning on a highway. A camera panned to the cab of a large semi-trailer truck. The driver wore a plaid shirt and a day's growth of beard. Next to him was a mysterious hitchhiker in expensive clothes that were ripped and a fresh head wound. He got out at Genoa City. And he stayed. That’s how “The Young and t...

Ed Sheeran and other celebs open up about mental health

In a time when mental illness is more prevalent than ever, breaking the stigma around issues like depression, anxiety, and various disorders can be a matter of life and death. Our society worships celebrities and it puts them in a position of immense influence. Many celebrities are now using their platforms to destigmatize mental illness and share that they experience the same struggles as everyone else. Ed Sheeran is one of the most low-key celebs out there, and while he isn't cagey, he's certainly private and doesn't usually draw attention to himself. However, he's now releasing a four-part docuseries called 'The Sum of It All' in which he offers a deeply personal and raw insight into his life. "Disney approached me to make a four-part documentary, and it felt like the right time to open the door and let people in. I hope people enjoy it," he said in a statement. The trailer already dives into the struggles he faced in 2022, revealing that his wife, Cherry Seaborn, developed a tumor while she was pregnant with their second child. While Sheeran was frantic with worry for her, his best friend, Jamal Edwards, died suddenly at the age of 31. Not to mention the fact that he was embroiled in a high-profile copyright lawsuit. Ahead of the docuseries' release, Sheeran opened up in an intimate interview with Rolling Stone. He revealed that the events of early 2022 sent him into a spiral of depression, which became even worse when another friend, the cricketer Shane Warne, passed away. "I felt like I didn't want to live anymore. And I have had that throughout my life... You're under the waves drowning," he explained. However, these struggles also brought up feelings of guilt for the 32-year-old, who thought it "seemed selfish, especially as a father. I feel really embarrassed about it." Sheeran also revealed that he struggled with addiction and binge-eating disorder in the past, all of which he finally tackled in recent years as he prepared to become a father. He promises that his upcoming album, 'Subtract,' will be the culmination of many years of pain, healing, and recovery. Take a look through the gallery and find out which other celebrities are courageously opening up to the public about their experiences with mental health, and learn more about the signs and symptoms so you can help raise awareness too.

Haiti soccer sexual abuse scandal: Impending defamation lawsuit could cost journalist $64,700 if he loses. He says he’ll ‘never give up’

An investigative journalist who detailed allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against the former Haitian Football Federation (FHF) president is now facing a defamation lawsuit designed to gag him, his lawyer tells CNN Sport.

Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul and other celebrities charged $400,000 for violating disclosure rules

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday charged Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul and several other celebrities with failing to disclose that they were paid to promote crypto.

Barron Trump turns 17: See him and more star Pisces

Talented singers, multi-hyphenates and more: See our favorite Pisces stars.

Actors who stayed in touch with their child co-stars

When two actors spend month after month working together on a project, they inevitably form a strong bond (or a strong dislike for each other...). When one actor is an adult and the other is a child, the relationship is even more significant. Many stars have taken their young co-stars under their wings and even started to see them like one of their own children. The relationship doesn't end once the film or show's in the can either. In fact, some actors have kept in touch with their younger co-stars for decades. In many cases, these friendships were integral for the young actors as they grew up in the spotlight. For those who went on to become successful actors in their adulthood, they had the ultimate mentors who truly cared about their well-being and success. Click through this gallery to see the heartwarming stories of actors who formed strong connections with junior child co-stars, and stayed in touch long after the cameras stopped rolling.

High IQ: meet the brightest celebrities in the world

Actors, singers, politicians, comedians, and sportsmen—there are many stars who can claim above-average IQs. Perhaps their high scores are the secret to their success in their respective disciplines. Do you want to know who the brightest stars are? Click on to find out!

Bizarre celebrity deaths you've probably never heard of

There are many celebrity deaths that everyone knows about, including those of Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe. However, there are many others that remain shrouded in mystery or include bizarre and inconclusive details. Browse through some of the strangest celebrity deaths in the gallery, some of which you most likely have never heard of.

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch announces plans to wed for the fifth time and reveals ring details, more stars who got engaged in 2023

Take a look back at all the celebrity couples who got engaged in 2023 -- or whose engagements came to light this year.

Celebrities who retired early

Fame and fortune were traditionally part of the "American Dream," but the publicity alone comes with a whole host of problems, and some actors just can't hack it. Others simply become disillusioned with the entertainment industry after working within its walls for many years. Cameron Diaz disappeared from the spotlight after her 2014 movie 'Annie,' which co-starred Jamie Foxx. The following year she married her husband Benji Madden, and in 2018, she confirmed that she was retiring from acting. Since then, Diaz had her first child and launched a wine brand called Avaline. Fans were shocked and delighted when she announced that she was coming out of retirement in 2022 to film another movie with Jamie Foxx. 'Back in Action' is a Netflix action-comedy directed by Seth Gordon, known for 'Horrible Bosses' (2011) and 'Baywatch' (2017), and is reportedly set for release in 2024. Production began back in December and will continue until April, but apparently, it's already been too much for Diaz. News broke on March 21 that the actress has decided to re-retire after this movie. This comes shortly after Foxx allegedly had a meltdown on set, firing an executive producer, two directors, and his driver. Sources close to Diaz say she is on good terms with Foxx and that the incident wasn't connected to her decision, but that the 10-hour work days and time away from family have just been too much. There are many stars who for one reason or another made the decision to retire early. Check out this gallery to find out who they are!

A legendary Sports Illustrated model, more stars turning 60 in 2023

See which stars were born in 1963!

Alberto Contador: "that's what I was afraid of"

Alberto Contador: "that's what I was afraid of"

Cher and music exec 40 years her junior make it official at the Versace show, more red carpet debuts

See how some of Hollywood's most well-known couples officially announced their relationships to the world.

Famous director steps out with daughter, 16, and more

Armie Hammer makes rare public outing following sex abuse scandal, plus more top photos of celebs this week.

Hit songs written in a matter of hours

It might surprise you to learn that some of pop music's most recognized and elaborate hits were written in a matter of hours, and in some cases just a few minutes! Yes, there are songwriters out there who can turn round a tune on a dime, often by design but sometimes from a dream. And there are examples of memorable songs born simply out of a riff or an off-the-cuff jam session. Whatever way you cut it, there are numerous examples of music made by the minute. Intrigued? Click through and note these hit songs written in a matter of hours.

Gordon T. Dawson Dies: ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ & ‘Rockford Files’ Scribe, Sam Peckinpah Pal Was 84

Gordon T. Dawson, a costume designer-turned-screenwriter who worked on multiple movies with Sam Peckinpah and wrote on TV hits The Rockford Files and Walker, Texas Ranger among other films and series, died March 6 of pulmonary disease in West Hills, CA, his family announced. He was 84. Dawson had worked as a fireman and had

Fact Check: Did Stormy Daniels Admit Fabricating Donald Trump Affair?

Adult film actor Stormy Daniels was alleged to have denied the affair with former President Donald Trump

'Yellowstone’ Fans Can't Keep It Together After Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly’s Show News

Folks blew up Instagram with their comments.

Real Celeb Names You Probably Don't Know

So THAT'S how John Legend got his name. A lot can be said with a name—especially in Hollywood. Choosing the right one could potentially make or break a career in showbiz. It'll either help fans easily remember you or could result in you blending in with the crowd. Opt for something too complicated and people might not be able to pronounce it, which could mean trouble come awards season. It's not as simple of a decision as you'd think! For that reason, stars put a lot of thought into the choice. One of the biggest trends is going by a middle name. Maybe it sounds better (Meghan Markle does have a nice ring to it!), or perhaps it's just more unique (there's no denying Ashton Kutcher is more memorable than Christopher Kutcher). Other celebrities choose something more sentimental, like paying tribute to a late family member or honoring a mother or grandmother's maiden name. And when all else fails, a childhood nickname does the trick (we're looking at you, Miley). From royals to Grammy-winning singers and everyone in between, your favorite star's real name might surprise you. Learn all about how celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Wilde, Katy Perry, and others ended up being called what you know them as today.

‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Projected To Set Franchise Record With $115M Opening Weekend

“John Wick: Chapter 4” is set to debut this weekend, and box office projections for the latest outing in the Keanu Reeves action franchise are through the roof. According to Variety, the highly anticipated sequel will premiere in 3,800 North American theatres on Friday, in addition to 71 international territories. Current expectations project an opening weekend

Celebrate Carrie Underwood's 40th birthday with a look at all the times her muscular legs wowed the crowd

See all the times Carrie Underwood's toned, muscular legs have left us totally floored!

'Valeria is Getting Married': Story of a mail-order Ukrainian bride - review

The title of the film really ought to be Is Valeria Getting Married? because Christina knows that this kind of mail-order partnership is not a done deal.

Saliva’s guitarist dead at 59

All of these celebrities have passed away since the beginning of the year.

Chicago Med S08E17 Know When to Hold and When to Fold

Chicago Med 8x17 "Know When to Hold and When to Fold" Season 8 Episode 17 Promo Trailer HD - A documentary crew visits Med to film Crockett and Abrams’ groundbreaking surgery. Archer refuses to ask for help for his kidney issues despite the staff's unrelenting kindness. Will starts to develop feelings for a co-worker.

Your Daily Astrology: March 23 for 03/23/23

THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 2023 BIRTHDAY STAR: Actor Hope Davis was born in Englewood, New Jersey, on this day in 1964. This birthday star has earned Emmy nominations for her role on the series “Succession,” the TV movie “The Special Relationship,” and the series “In Treatment.” Currently, she portrays Gina Baxter on the series “Your Honor.” Davis’ film r...

Nick Lachey's Ups and Downs: Jessica Simpson Divorce, Legal Trouble, More

The spotlight has sometimes been glaring for Nick Lachey, who has dealt with both career ups and downs and personal highs and lows during his two-plus decades of fame. The 98 Degrees singer rose to stardom during his time with the boy band in the ‘90s — and skyrocketed once he married Jessica Simpson in 2002. While the group went on an extended hiatus in 2003, the then-couple featured their romance on the MTV reality show (and pop culture juggernaut) Newlyweds, but their marriage soon started to crumble. Things came to a head when the “Sweetest Sin” singer filed for divorce from Lachey in 2005. “I’ll tell you how I knew my marriage was over. I was told,” the “My Everything” singer told Rolling Stone one year later, claiming that Simpson announced she wanted a divorce while the two were in a limo after the American Music Awards. “She said something about how we hadn’t really been getting along and then said, ‘I think I want a divorce.’ That blindsided me. I basically said, ‘Please, let’s sleep on it.’ But when we woke up the next day, Wednesday morning, she was still sure.” (Simpson, for her part, detailed her side of the story in her 2020 memoir, Open Book.) Lachey channeled his emotions into his music, releasing the hit single, “What’s Left of Me,” in February 2006. He followed up the emotional track — which he penned in the wake of his split from Simpson — later that year with his sophomore album titled after the song. The “Because of You” artist began dating his now-wife, Vanessa Lachey (née Minnillo), after meeting on the set of the “What’s Left of Me” video. The couple tied the knot in 2011 and went on to welcome three children together: Camden, Brooklyn and Phoenix. In order to view the video, please allow Manage Cookies As the Lacheys built their life together and parented three kids, they also continued to achieve success in their separate — and joint — reality TV ventures. The pair have cohosted Netflix’s fan favorite dating competition series Love Is Blind since 2020, and Nick won season 5 of The Masked Singer in 2021. Despite all the positives in both his professional and personal lives, Nick found himself in legal trouble during an incident with a celebrity photographer in March 2022. “Last night, after enjoying a great dinner with my wife and our dear friend, the paparazzi harassed us as we walked back to our hotel,” Nick tweeted about the altercation one day later. “I clearly overreacted. I’ve been in this game long enough to know that their antics are sadly part of the deal. Stupid of me. Done.” According to the photographer, Jody Santos, she was snapping pictures of Nick and Vanessa outside of a restaurant in Beverly Hills when the “Hardest Thing” artist became “aggressive,” she told the Daily Mail one year later. He allegedly attempted to grab her phone from her car window, which she rolled up. The cameraperson alleged that Nick punched the glass so hard “I thought he was going to break his hand.” A representative for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office clarified to Us Weekly that as a result of the incident, Nick is “participating in LADA’s Prefiling Diversion program,” which requires that “he must participate in anger management classes and attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.” The spokesperson added: “Successful completion of the Prefiling Diversion Program will result in no criminal charges being filed.” Sign up for Us Weekly's free, daily newsletter and never miss breaking news or exclusive stories about your favorite celebrities, TV shows and more! Keep scrolling for a timeline of Nick’s ups and downs through the years:

14 Coronation Rules King Charles Has to Follow—and 5 Major Rules He's Breaking

He's just saying no to breeches.

Celebrities who secretly live as farmers

You may think that every famous person lives in a big glamorous mansion in a fancy town, but that is actually not the case for everyone. Some celebs not only live far away from Hollywood, but they prefer to live in a place where they can get their hands dirty! Take a look at some of the surprising celebrities who live on farms.

Satanic songs that reference the devil

Some songwriters have an affinity with the devil. As the personification of evil, the devil—or Satan, Lucifer, and Beelzebub, among other names the nefarious entity is bestowed with—is referenced in all sorts of songs to represent dark deeds, or the deceitful nature of people. But read the lyrics in a different way, and a song might instead be describing the devilish charm of an individual with an impossibly seductive manner. Either way, what songs best describe this generally hostile and destructive force? Click through for a playlist of Satan's favorite songs.

Christina Ricci Addresses Her Future in Netflix's 'Wednesday' Series (Exclusive)

The actress spoke with ET at the season 2 premiere of her other hit dark TV series, 'Yellowjackets.'

Princess Diana's niece ties the knot in South Africa, more weddings of 2023

Take a look back at all the celebrity couples who got married in 2023 -- or whose weddings came to light this year.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Attorney Calls Out Camera Pointed Directly At Her On Day 2 Of Trial

Gwyneth Paltrow’s legal team isn’t happy about a new camera in the courtroom. On Wednesday, the actress arrived for day 2 of the trial in the lawsuit against her in the case of a 2016 ski crash in Utah, and a camera pointed at her became a point of concern. “Your honour, we have a